Test of Loyality

Nov 21 2020 - 22:41 UTC by MustrumR
Point Value
Type / Priority
Other (Primary)
The second player picks a generic squadron worth 8-16 points in his own fleet and his opponent's fleet, if applicable. This squadron is the objective squadron.
Special Rules
Each time the objective squadron destroys an enemy ship or squadron, the owning player earns a victory token. While defending, an objective squadron may spend the defense token of a friendly ship or squadron within distance 1 to resolve it as its own.
End of Game
If a player's objective squadron is in play but damaged, earn one additional victory token. If a player has no objective squadron in play, the opposing player gains a victory token.
The TIE Fighter mission Harkov reveals himself to be a traitor was quite memorable to me, and this objective is an attempt to recreate it. So, both sides are supposed to have an objective squadron - if the enemy is squadron less or has no squadron in the desired point range, he effectively grants his opponent a free victory token and a way to score victory tokens that he can't oppose.

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