Making short work of dial cutting.

I love to create custom cards here on KDY, and the best part is printing them out and getting my creations on the table. The problem arose, that I was spending hours trying to neatly cut out squadron dials befor I could get my little ships on the table. I tried compass style cutters, using both the plastic squadron bases and the official dials as templates. It was a lesson in frustration. On a trip to the local craft store I came across a selection of decorative craft punches, and nestled in the center was a circle punch, the same size as a shield dial. My quest to find another such punch for squadron dials was on. The official squadron dials are 1 7/32 inces in diameter, (31mm), with a 1/8 inch hole for the peg in the center, (3mm). After exaustive searches of local craft stores and online, I was able to locate a 1 1/4 inch circle craft punch at For the center peg, I found a 1/8 inch hole punch slightly oversized dials turn out to be a boon, as it makes the thinner custom dials easier to turn. With only only a little practice centering the squadron dial in the punch, you can have professional looking custom dials in a fraction of the time.


May 6 2016 - 17:44 UTC
Fixed the link.
May 6 2016 - 17:36 UTC
One trouble. The link to the 1.25" dial cutter is no longer working :(
May 6 2016 - 17:34 UTC
Well now I need a cutter.