Attractive Card Design

Now, some of you have your own little tricks to getting artwork, be it Google, DeviantArt, or maybe Bēhance. No matter your decision, you still have to write that oddly monotonous description on each card to detail its use. If you have troubles, like I sometimes do, here are several ways to fix that.
There are many awesome websites such as DeviantArt and Bēhance, both of which are online photo galleries. Give "Star Wars Ships" a search if you are low on ideas for new ships or "Secutor-Class Imperial TIE Carrier" if you're looking for something specific. Cards with no pictures are not very attractive, and if worse comes to worse, find a CAD modeler or drawer to sketch something up. For example, when I had begun making my Hammerhead Corvette line for use with Mel's Miniatures, I decided to CAD up a design, texture it, and throw it into a hand drawn background, luckily I chose space, not much to draw! Many artists online at DeviantArt take requests and suggestions, it may take longer than drawing yourself, but hey, at least it won't look like this!
These are tough, and require some more work than the pictures do. For proper game flow however, a good description is needed.1. Think of what it needs to do, It needs to DEC, Define the attributes, Explain the Attributes, Clarify anything. 2. Write a standard description, yes, just write it out.3. Have several people go over it. The best way is to have people who know nothing about Armada or Regular players of Armada, not someone who barely knows the ground rules. That way the players can notify you of any rule infractions and the non-players can fix any awkward wording. 4. Publish the final draft.Extras:No, I don't know how FFG gets their descriptions, maybe a robot slave?I 'may' be able to draw some ships, I just need an accurate description(1-10, I need at least 6 details, I.e. Color, specific design details, overall shape, and weapon positions just to name a few.)With Pleasure, DillPicklePlayz


Dec 2 2018 - 01:37 UTC
I have no shortage of usable images. My issue is that they don't always fit on the card, no matter what I do.
Oct 27 2017 - 01:00 UTC
Hey, Wombat.1. Sorry for the late response, I was uh... School.2. No worries that is a lit description3. I’ve found Inventor to be a handy CAD program, especially because at school, it’s free. I’ve done several Star Destroyers and an “HD” model of a Hammerhead cruiser thing.
Oct 23 2017 - 21:52 UTC
Edited Oct 23 2017 - 21:56 UTC
Wait, will you really draw a ship? I've been tinkering with CAD programs for weeks now and I've realized that I just can't. If you could try, that'd be incredible.I'll just write a description.It would be about 200 meters in length, somewhat cylindrical, with a three-level flat top (like a set of stairs), increasing in height to the back. The ship is about 30-40 meters wide, with a large hangar bay on either side, nearly the entire length of the ship. Near the rear of the ship is a bridge tower, very reminiscent of the standard Imperial-class Star Destroyer, but with a shorter "neck".At the front of the ship are two backward-slanted "wings", which would make the ship look like an arrow if seen from above. They're about 10-20 meters wide each, and each have a medium turbolaser battery at their rear. The back of the ship has engines that look almost exactly like the ones on a Bellator-class Dreadnought. The front of the ship looks like the front of a US Independence-class littoral combat ship. (Sorry, I can't add a picture, but you could google it.)On each of the first and second "steps" on top of the ship, there is a large turbolaser battery, like the ones on the side of an Imperial-class. Numerous other, smaller turbolasers are dotted across the surface.The entire thing is the standard "Star Destroyer White", the color of almost all Imperial ships we see in Star Wars.Is that enough information? Thank you so much!