FoaS Campaign System

- Each player receives 3000 credits and 0 campaign points. - Each player selects a sector on the map, this is their Home Sector. All systems within that sector are under that player's control. - Each player selects a system within their home sector to be their Capital System. - Players can then spend up to their 3000 credit limit to purchase ships, squadrons, and upgrades according to their point cost and allocate them to any number of fleets. - Players place their fleets anywhere within their home sector. - Each fleet may have up to one commander.
- Damage to ships are kept from battle to battle. Shield, however, are recharged. - Units that are destroyed during a battle are lost, but may be re-purchased unless they are unique. Unique units that are destroyed are removed from play (unless an effect says otherwise). - When a unique unit (such as Darth Vader) is destroyed, all units with that name are removed from everyone's armada. - Upgrades that are to be discarded during a battle are refreshed during the LOGISTICS PHASE. Defense tokens that are discarded return to their ship.
- Unique units can only be purchased once throughout a campaign. - If a unique unit has multiple capacities (for example, Darth Vader) you can buy them more than once, once for each capacity, at which point you can use them in said capacity. - A unique unit cannot exist in more than one place on the map (you cannot use Darth Vader the TIE Advanced Squadron in Fleet A and have Darth Vader the Commander in Fleet B. Both can be in fleet A, but he can only serve in one capacity during a battle).
- If a unique unit (such as Boba Fett if you are playing with Wes Janson's Slave II card) shows up in more than one faction, a bidding war can occur. - When another player attempts to purchase such a unit, the original owner declares if he wishes to spend campaign points to retain control of the unit in question. If they do, the purchasing player can outbid the player by spending an equal or greater number of campaign points to gain control of the unit. Bidding goes back and forth until a player allows them to retain such a unit. The total bids made by either player are spent. - When a player loses control of a unique character, their versions of the unit return to the pool. - A player can start a bidding war again by attempting to purchase that unit from their pool. - You cannot gain access to aspects of the character that you do not normally have access to. (A Rebel player sucessfully outbids the Empire on control of the "Slave II" Boba Fett. The empire returns "Slave I" Boba Fett to the unpurchased pool. The Rebel Player cannot purchase "Slave I" Boba Fett as that aspect is still an imperial faction). - Each player must still buy a unique unit's aspects individually again, even after regaining control of that unit via a bidding war.
Units from the mercenary faction can be bought from by any player.
These campaign rules assume that you are using the Galactic Civil War as the backdrop of play. Given this, it is likely best that you do not allow play of factions from other timeframes (such as the Fall of the Republic or the Old Republic/Sith War). There are campaign bonus cards that allow you to use historical factions. You can remove these from the game before beginning if all players agree.
You have three choices here. - You can have more than 2 players during a campaign by having additional players play minor factions.- You can consider all minor factions to be Mercenaries and be able to be purchased by anyone.- You can include special Campaign Bonus cards that will grant access to minor factions by a player who plays them.
If you have a fleet within a system that you do not control, you can take control of it by having that fleet take no action that turn. If a fleet moves or participates in a battle their attempt to control the system fails. If a system with a supply depot you control currently has an unchallenged enemy fleet in orbit, you cannot receive campaign poitns from it.
START PHASE - Take control of planets or initiate blockade.MOVEMENT PHASE - Fleets may move up to one system (unless otherwise indicated). - Fleet movements are made in secret and revealed by all players at once (think Diplomacy).BATTLE PHASE - Battles between enemy fleets at the same location are played out. - Players receive a number of campaign points determind by the MoV table according to the result of each battle. - After a battle, the looser (if there is any) must move to an adjacent unoccupied system. If there is no viable system, the fleet remains where it is and a battle occurs next round.LOGISTICS PHASE - Players receive a number of campaign points from the supply depots they control on the map. - Players can have fleets in the same system trade upgrades (except modifications and title cards), squadrons, and ships. - Players can split ships off into new fleets or condense multiple fleets into one fleet (assuming that there is only one commander present). - Players can play bonus cards from their hand. Unless otherwise indicated, played bonus cards are removed from play.PURCHASE PHASE - Players can purchase bonus cards from the bonus pool using their campaign points. These bonus cards are kept in the players hand. A player cannot have more than 5 campaign bonus cards in their hand. - Players can purchase upgrades, units, or squadrons using their credits. New Units purchased come into play at a system of their choosing with a Supply Depot. - Upgrades with the "Modification" keyword can only be added to a ship at a system with a Supply Depot.
There are two variants, which must be agreed upon by all players before the game's start- A player loses when they lose control of all their supply depots.- A player loses when they lose control of their home system.
If you are playing with more than 2 players (such as with minor factions) there are a few things to know: If three or more players' fleets are at a location you have two options:the order of battle play / resolution is determined by Campaign Point bidding wars. A player can bid points to have a battle they are involved with be determined first or last depending on their preferences.A minor power can join a battle in support of a Major faction. Players control units of their faction (you're going to have to work together to fight a battle well). - Units in one fleet do not receive commander bonuses of another fleet.- For the purpose of objective card verbage, both the Major power and the supporting power are considered to be one "player".- Campaign Points are split evenly with the major faction taking any odd points remaining after an even split.If you have more than one fleet at a location when a battle occurs, you can have those fleets participate in the battle.Commander bonuses apply only to ships that belong to their fleet.Restrictions on point totals that participate in a fleet apply to all fleets under your control collectively. (even with 2 fleets, you can still only bring a maximum of 400 points to the board between those two fleets).The LIMIT keyword applies both to your fleet as well as your armada. When a squadron has Limit, you can only have up to a number of that unit equal to their Limit number times 3 within your armada. (a fleet can only have 3 of a squadron with Limited 3 in a battle, but there can be a total of 9 under your control at a time during the campaign.)


Jan 9 2018 - 18:56 UTC
I suppose that any era could be played, but bear in mind many of the campaign bonus cards that I use in the system are geared towards the civil war era (those cards then grant access to CIS and Republic ships).
Jan 9 2018 - 03:48 UTC
will there be a possibility for a Republic and CIS version of this (Clone Wars Era)?
Jan 19 2017 - 19:52 UTC
That'd be so great. I can't wait to play this!
Jan 19 2017 - 03:56 UTC
I was working on a map, but there was never a version I was entirely happy with. I'll have a talk with Norsehound once the new version of KDY is up.
Jan 15 2017 - 13:44 UTC
That's so cool! Are you making a map that we can print out or something like that? (Just wondering.) But that's a really awesome idea. One thing I think you should add is that if a damaged fleet stays in a friendly system with a Supply Depot for one turn without moving, they can remove some of the Damage Cards.
Jul 20 2016 - 09:18 UTC
Hey,Many of your ideas are informing my own, though I think your campaign is operating at a higher level than what I'm working on. I'd love to learn where your current development of this is.Cheers.
Mar 19 2016 - 18:00 UTC
This looks awesome! What stuff do youthjink I have to get to be able to play this properly (ships etc)?