Starfleet Ships of the Line

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This is a basic attempt to port elements of Star Trek Starfleet starships and other elements of that canon into the Armada system in a balanced and workable way. If cross-universe combat is not your thing, please move along. Otherwise, this is the first set, composed exclusively of Starfleet starships. Comments, critiques, and feedback are most welcome. A minor note: a Trekkie may notice I have upped the size class of many of these warships from the traditional Armada brackets. This is mostly for a feel and playability perspective, as only so many ships can be shoehorned into a size class before it becomes cramped. Without this upgrade, only the largest members of Starfleet enter the Medium size range, but now Odysseys, Sovereigns, and Galaxys make up the Starfleet line of battle, just as Imperial-class Star Destroyers and Mon Calamari cruisers did for their respective governments.Directly from my notes while sketching Starfleet V2 (current base version): Overall Starfleet characteristics include:- Strong shields- High Command values- Torpedoes (black dice) fore and aft, phasers all around (red and blue)- Low squadron values generally, reliance on high-end Rogues in squad fight- Moderate to high speed and agility generally- Fast agile Escorts that trade durability for firepower (Akira, Defiant, Prometheus)- Standardized Armamants ruleSPECIAL STARFLEET RULES:PHOTON: Keyword: Ships with PHOTON upgrades may add their black dice battery armament to their attack pools after rolling the initial pool when attacking at medium range. By default, black icons do not count for damage or critical effects when using a PHOTON-boosted shot.STANDARDIZED ARMAMENTS: A Starfleet ship may equip a PHOTON or "Phaser" upgrade if it does not have a Ordnance or Turbolaser slot, respectively. Only one card may be added this way. Increase that card's cost by 1.SALVO: Most Starfleet ships do not have Salvo. However, when a Starfleet ship does Salvo, it may not include black dice in the attack pool. SUPPORT TEAM: At this time, Starfleet ships may NOT equip Engine Techs under any circumstances.Ready for Test:Akira-class Escort Carrier and Heavy Escort (M)Ambassador-class Exploration Cruiser and Heavy Cruiser (L)Constitution-class Exploration Cruiser and Refit (S)Danube-class Runabouts (SQ)Defiant-class Escort and Strike Refit (S)Excelsior-class Line Cruiser and Combat Retrofit (M)Galaxy-class Exploration Cruiser and Dreadnought Retrofit (L)Miranda-class Light and Support Cruisers (S)Nebula-class Exploration Cruiser and Refit Cruiser (M)New Orleans-class Expeditionary and Recon Cruiser (M)Peregrine-class Fighter Squadrons (SQ)Prometheus-class Advanced Escort and Prototype Escort (M)Sovereign-class Exploration Cruiser and Flagship Cruiser (L)Vesta-class Multi-Mission Explorer and Reconnaissance Explorer (L)Odyssey-class Flagship and Exploration Cruisers (L)Danube-class Runabouts (SQ)Delta Flyer-class Runabout (SQ)Moore-class Shuttlecraft (SQ)Peregrine-class Superiority Fighters (SQ)Tactical Flyers (SQ)Type 10 Shuttlecraft (SQ)Change Log:6/27/20 - Added Mark V Torpedo Guidance Systems, Pulse Phasers, new Montgomery Scott, changed old Scott to Miles O'Brien; Sovereign, Ambassador, New Orleans, Odyssey, Vesta, Prometheus, Excelsior classes all adjusted in cost and upgrade bar8/7/20 - Added USS Kyushu, Enterprise-F, Modified Torpedo Seekers. Updated USS Lakota8/17/20 - Added USS Enterprise-D per idea in comments.1/30/21 - Updated Mark II Quantum Torpedoes, Mark V Photon Torpedoes, Mark X Photon Torpedoes with more clear rules language. Added art to many ships.1/31/21 - Updated Argo to Moore class to match available artwork. Art updated on Constitution Refit, Galaxy Exploration Cruiser, Moore class shuttlecraft, and Delta Flyer runabout. In the process of shifting contents to new SW Armada mod for TTS.


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Anyone with thoughts for commander ideas for the five captains or other notable characters are welcome to chime in.