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A small UI streamline
Morning folks,Today, during my lunch break at work, I'm going to be changing a handful of things. For one, I'm going to remove the "In Need Of Art" filtering for Squdarons, Upgrades, and Ships. From here on out, if you want to flag things as needing art, tag it with #Needs Art, or #Needs New Art. Maybe some charitable souls will help us out.
One more thing!
So, due to popular request, you can now create copies of existing content. You cannot copy someone else's content (unless you are an administrator). You can make a copy of an official piece of content, however.
A few more tweaks
I've decided to make a few tweaks to the site. Nothing game breaking, but you will probably notice them if you look in the right places.- You can no longer rate your own content: don't be that guy. (I removed rating values for folks that did, but I don't think anyone had done so)- For ship's directional batteries, if there are more than 11 dice in a single pool on the printed card, it will use numeric values with a color indicator next to it.- For ship's anti-fighter armament as well as squadron dice pools, if there are more then 6 dice in a pool, that's when the numbers show up.- I've increased the font size for objective cards, because it was hard to read and there was quite a bit of wasted space.- I fixed some of the arc and LOS marker positions on ship bases.- Added pop-up dialogues that show what the Keywords and Defense tokens do - you can access it by clicking the Question Mark.
A Bumpy Start
So we had some technical difficulties - mostly because of some dev/prod environment differences (particularly for the card renderer) - but most, if not all, of the kinks have been worked out. There's some more work to do in the Admin area, but that won't affect you folks.For those of you who have asked, we administrators can add Factions, Keywords (and more). There are some technical reasons why we don't make those accessible to users, but if you feel like send me an email if you'd like to add a Faction or so on. We will need to talk a few things over, but it can be done.
Finally Live ... mostly
Greetings Folks,Welcome to KDY. For those of you who are not in the know, Kuat Drive Yards is a web-based (obviously) utility app that lets you create your own cards, dials, and tokens for Star Wars Armada. I'm in the process of writing a few articles to help those getting started, and a few Best Practices. If you aren't a ship designer, you can post comments as reviews, or give ratings on your favorite ships.As far as to the future of the site, I'm toying with the idea of making a Fleet Builder section of the site, but that's pretty far down the road. For right now, I want to sit back and let you all enjoy my hard work.Kind regards,~Rob

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