Aftermath of Endor

Nov 13 2017 - 18:10 UTC by ikediger
Edited Nov 13 2017 - 18:20 UTC by ThatRobHuman
Setup: First player is Rebellion, Second Player is Empire. Place obstacles as normal, substituting debris fields for the station and asteroid fields. Assign the Despirited effect to the second player and the Emboldened effect to the first player. The second player may not include any copies of Darth Vader in their list.Special Rules:Despirited: When you would resolve a card effect from a commander, officer, weapons team, or support team upgrade card, roll a blue die. If the result is or resolve the effect as normal. If the result is do not resolve the effect. Remove this effect after 3 rounds.Emboldened: After your activation, you may exhaust this effect to immediately activate another ship. Remove this effect after 3 rounds.Victory: At the end of 6 rounds, the player with the highest point total remaining wins.
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Jun 5 2018 - 01:11 UTC
Seems very weighted towards the Rebel Alliance perhaps give the Empire more points?