Cloaked Token Reference Card

Mar 20 2018 - 10:41 UTC by Indy Techwisp
Edited Apr 6 2018 - 14:01 UTC by ThatRobHuman
Shuttle Pilot Indiana
Freeform (Large)
Cloaked TokenThe Cloaked Token allows a ship to remove a number of dice from the opponents attack pool depending on your ship size.The token's effect is only applied if the owner of the ship holding the token chooses to use it's effect.A ship cannot have more than 1 Cloaked token at a time.An opponent can choose to discard your Cloaked token without resolving it's effect by spending 2 accuracy dice.The Cloaked token is discarded upon use.Small: 3 dice removed.Medium: 2 dice removed.Large: 1 die removed.
I have used a scenario card to act as a reference card as that template is unavailable.I hope that the use of the phrase "Reference Card" in the title explains its purpose enough.

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Mar 20 2018 - 18:56 UTC
I tend to use the Freeform cards for reference cards, for what it's worth.