Convoy Raid v3

Feb 16 2020 - 14:12 UTC by CadetBrick
Edited Jul 13 2021 - 06:10 UTC by CadetBrick
Point Value
Type / Priority
Campaign (Primary)
Second player sets aside the 2 Civilian Freighters. Then, starting with the second player, the players alternate placing 2 dust fields and 4 asteroids in the play area. Players deploy as normal. Second Player deploys the Convoy Freighters AFTER all other ships and squadrons have been deployed.
Special Rules
Freighters are activated at the end of Ship Phase, after all ships have activated. Freighters do not count as Friendly to Anyone. Freighters can only resolve Navigate and Engineering command dials or tokens (cannot fire, cannot activate squadrons). Players cannot resolve critical effects against Freighters.
End of Round
After a ship activates with a dial, it may resolve that command by seizing control of a Freighter at range 1.
End of Game
For each Freighter that a player controls, that player gains 2 victory tokens. If the second player has control of both Freighters, he gains 1 additional victory token.If both Freighters are destroyed, the First Player gains 1 victory token.
Use the Civilian Bulk Freighter with this objective:"A convoy carrying a highly lucrative cargo has been found hiding in an asteroid field. Whoever grabs the cargo, and gets it to Jabba first will be handsomely rewarded. That said, if you can't grab it yourself, might not want to let the competition get away with it either..."

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