It's A Trap!

Sep 16 2016 - 18:50 UTC by Brobafett
Edited Sep 16 2016 - 18:53 UTC by Brobafett
Point Value
Type / Priority
Assault (Primary)
The entire Rebel fleet including squadrons must deploy before the Imperial fleet.The Imperial Fleet must deploy at speed 0.After deploying fleets, assign 1 objective token to each ship.For Rebel ships, tread this objective token as a token.For Imperial Ships, treat this objective token as a token.These tokens do not count toward their command total token allowance.
End of Game
Each player increases his final score by half the fleet point cost of each enemy ship, not including upgrades, in the play area that has at least 1 damage card, rounded up.
Designed for a Battle of Endor scenario, but with the attempt to not be game breaking for a normal engagement. If you play this card in a non-scenario match simply replace Rebel with "Player 1" and Imperial with "Player 2." I may actually edit this card to reflect that, but haven't decided yet.
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