A Wounded Opportunity

Mar 27 2016 - 22:27 UTC by ikediger
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Point Value
Type / Priority
Defense (Primary)
The first player may select one of the second player's large-medium ships. The second player then deploys this ship anywhere on the board. The ship must be at least 5 distance from all edges. Set the ship's shield values to: 0 front, 0 right, 1 left, 1 rear. Set the ship's speed to 0.
Special Rules
Set commands as normal, except that the wounded ship may not reveal a command turn 1. At the start of turn 2 and every turn after, repair 1 shield on all hull zones on the wounded ship. At the start of turn 3, the wounded ship may increase it's speed to 1, maximum of 1.
End of Game
If the wounded ship is destroyed, player 1 gains 75 victory points. If the wounded ship survives the game, player 2 gains 75 victory points.
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