Asset Denial Fleet

Mar 29 2016 - 15:40 UTC by cynanbloodbane
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Point Value
Type / Priority
Defense (Primary)
The deployment areas are the short sides of the taple. Player 1 must deduct 200 points worth from their list prior to deployment, they may go over the 50% Fleet squadron restrictions in the process.Player 2 places the station beyond distance 1 of their deployment zone. Place 18 objective tokens on the station, these count as "Hull" points. Ships may fire on the station as if it were a ship.
Special Rules
"Shield Generator Destroyed"By turn 6, if the station does not have less than 10 objective tokens on it, deduct 5 from the station.
End of Game
If at the end of turn 8 the station is destroyed, then Player 1 wins. If it is not destroyed, Player 2 wins
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