Sep 3 2017 - 16:26 UTC by ThatRobHuman
Edited Sep 3 2017 - 17:56 UTC by ThatRobHuman
Point Value
Rebel Alliance
Your Squadron value is increased by 1. You gain 1 icon in your upgrade bar. : Squadrons that you activate can attack ships even if they are engaged.
Upgrade Type
Title / Variant
CR90 Corvette
Found in


Sep 25 2017 - 20:02 UTC
You may be right, but consider that this is actually an aggregate card of http://kdyards.com/upgrades.view.php?id=2025 and http://kdyards.com/upgrades.view.php?id=570The idea is that you can use the typical CR90A or CR90B and apply this card to get the Far Star. It's a more condensed way to get both a variant and a title in one card to avoid possible overlaps. I don't like the idea of a CR90A using both Sarne-refit and Jaina's light, for example. I also don't like creating a whole new ship card for a single-ship variant - that's the point of titles after all. This just seemed the most elegant way to handle it.
Sep 25 2017 - 00:13 UTC
I like it, I'm a fan of the FarStar. I think there might be a little too much going on with the card though. Maybe just stick to the first part but ditch the second part? There has to be additional Squad support for FarStar to make it a Mini Carrier. I don't think the second part of the card is necessary and may add too much. Maybe drop that part and reduce the cost by 4 or 5 points and I think it's headed in the right direction.